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Product Highlights
  • * Unlimited Metal Fabrication.
  • * Highest Quality.
  • * Fast Order Delivery.
  • * State of the Art Equipment.
  • * Attention to Detail.
  • * Worldwide Shipping.
  • * Competitive Pricing.
Product Examples

We can fabricate anything that can be imagined, including:

  • * Kitchen counters.
  • * Kitchen splash panels.
  • * Room back panels.
  • * Chimney caps.
  • * Roofing.
  • * Trailers.
  • * Fire Pits & BBQs.
  • * Stands and pedestals.
  • * Storage and racks.
  • * Anything.



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Phone: 972-907-5288

Fax:      972-907-5289



At North Dallas Metal we have a motto that we all live by. That motto is:

"If you can dream it....we can create it."

Our years of experience, joy of creativity, state of the art equipment and recognition of the need to provide superior products at an affordable price place us in the unique position of delivering on that motto. On this page we demonstrate just a few of the creative designs that our customers have requested and we have created. Let us know how we can fulfill YOUR dreams.

The custom designed barbecue grill below is just one example of our design abilities. As you view the pictures of this grill, note the attention to detail, quality of materials, and features that make it easy to use, including:

  • storage areas that are easily accessible and large,
  • easy access to cooking areas,
  • tight lid fit for great cooking results,
  • ease of getting to areas that require cleaning and emptying,
  • wood/briquette storage and
  • large and even cooking surface with high quality grates.

We have also included large pictures of three of the custom products listed below.

Below we display several other custom metal fabrications. They are in no way exhaustive of what we can create, rather, meant to suggest to you what is possible....and affordable. (click on any of the thumbnails to see the full sized picture.)

stainless steel fire pit cover from North Dallas Sheet Metal bbq pit from North Dallas Sheet Metal children's train engine from North Dallas Sheet Metal metal valet stand check-in stand from North Dallas Sheet Metal Ranch style barbecue grill from North Dallas Sheet Metal

Stainless Fire Pit Cover

Backyard family BBQ

Little Engine that COULD!

Valet Stand / Check-in Stand

Ranch style BBQ Grill

Created for a restaurant where the chefs prepare your entree' over a hot gas flame, with you as "audience." Yum!

A family-sized grill, with worry-free metal work/serving area that will never rust or fade.

This little guy pulls the North Dallas Sheet Metal train at events and fairs throughout the USA.

Designed to your specifications; quality at a price lower than the mass-produced models.

Design your grill with all the features you want, and have the only one like it, while you save money.

Just contact us by phone, email or by sending the information request form on this site and we will be happy to spec out and price anything that be fabricated in metal.

On receipt of your order, our artisans will use the finest quality material to build and ship your "dream" to you in no time at all.